One of the fastest growing companies in Finland in the last ten years – that’s us. What’s more, we strive to grow further. For this reason alone, our company is full of opportunities for seasoned veterans and new-comers, too.

Versatile careers

There’s a lot going on in our company all the time. The main thing, of course, is the manufacturing and developing of food products for the food industry. Even though food manufacturing workers are in the leading role, we also employ people from various other fields of expertise, such as marketing and sales, human resources, logistics, maintenance, automation and ICT.

In addition to working in an exciting environment, we offer our people the chance to develop themselves. Whether it’s the case of boosting professionalism with additional education, a desire for job-rotation, or advancing to a senior level, we support our staff in achieving their goals.

Tight-knit crew

At Kaslink – because we are a family company first and foremost – we aim to maintain a warm family business spirit. There’s around 150 of us, still, and no one is a stranger – we are a tight-knit crew.

We believe that working hard shouldn’t be too hard. Innovations and outstanding results are achieved, when our people work together as a team in a laid-back environment.

We also support our personnel’s ambitions for participating in recreational sports.

Apply now

If you got excited about the prospect of working for us, don’t hesitate to showcase yourself and your skills with an open application. We hold on to all applications and will contact you as soon as there is a position matching your skills and interests available.


The man of many skills

Little did Miska Autio know when he decided to take Kaslink CEO Raino Kukkonen’s job offer, that his choice would turn into a long career.

Miska has been with Kaslink for 16 years now. Currently he serves as a technical specialist in Kaslink.  In his own words, instead of concentrating in one thing in particular, he participates in multiple tasks in the manufacturing processes.

Miska has learned his trade through work. He started as an operator in the production line. That’s how he got to know the company’s working routines and the machinery used in the manufacturing of liquid dairy products and sauces. Basically, Miska has tried almost every work task possible within Kaslink’s manufacturing processes.

According to Miska, you never stop learning new things at Kaslink.

Daily routines

The day of a technical specialist starts with a morning briefing held with the maintenance team. Miska’s job is to report possible malfunctions in the production line from the previous evening/night to the maintenance team. If there are any problems, they’ll solve them together.

He also supervises the deployment of new manufacturing processes; keeps an eye on the machinery via computer programs; trouble-shoots mechanical and software-based malfunctions in the production line.

What makes the day for Miska, are the constant challenges he gets to solve on a daily basis.

Regular product innovations

In product development cases, Miska uses his vast knowledge of the manufacturing processes to give the rest of the team insights from the production line’s point of view.

He conducts tests in order to find out how the new product recipes’ ingredients fit into production and finds the right settings to run the production. Sometimes it takes half a year to perfect a recipe; sometimes you get it right the first time.


From dairy school to working in a dairy

In 2012 Annamari Rosberg graduated with a Vocational Qualification in Dairy Production. Ever since she has worked at Kaslink.

Annamari has had three different job descriptions at Kaslink. She started in the production of UHT treated products and moved on to the packaging department. At the moment, she works as a process manager in the reception of milk.

Busy and independent work

Annamari is pleased with her current position. The best part of it is that she gets to organize and plan her days by herself.

Her tasks include receiving milk from milk truck drivers, cleansing the milk processing equipment, separating cream and skimmed milk from raw milk and from the analyzing of milk.

Annamari’s job is to make sure that Kaslink’s main dairy ingredient is of top quality. She tests the raw milk for the presence of antibiotics residues and measures the fat content of milk and cream.

Train your brain

In Annamari’s own words, the best asset of a process manager is one’s brains. In this position, you need to make a lot of decisions based on your own discretion.

For example, you have to plan carefully what is the smartest way to receive the raw milk in order to keep the production line rolling smoothly.

You also need a strong sense of responsibility: it’s the process manager’s duty to ensure that the raw milk is in top condition.


Moving up through the ranks

Kim Kiviranta has been with Kaslink since 2008. This thirtysomething Kouvola native ended up going steady with Kaslink after a two-week temporary staffing stint in the storage department.

When Kaslink made Kim’s employment relationship on-going, he eventually got promoted to storage supervisor.

Now, Kim has worked as a production designer for about two years. It’s a job that requires a great deal of responsibility.

Versatile tasks

According to Kim, versatility is the best thing in his job. There’s a good mix of independent tasks, co-working with other departments in Kaslink’s production processes as well as customer interfacing.

Kim’s main duty, however, is cold, hard calculating. He makes sure there’s exactly the right amount of ingredients in the production line; not too much nor too little.

He predicts the sales three weeks further and makes the decision of how much and what ingredients the company orders into production.

Opportunities for advancement

There are certain benefits when you’re working for a constantly growing company.

Kim says there’s a lot of new things going on and that tasks grow more versatile all the time. Of course, there’s challenges coming your way, too, but in the end they reward you, providing means for self-development.

That has been the case with Kim; he has always wanted new challenges and, so far, Kaslink has been able to provide them.